Using Custvendagingstatistics to get aging info from AX

Took me some time but I was able to track down how to get aging information out of AX through it’s Business Connector. I’m putting this here as a reminder of how to get it done.


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Rearchitected from the ground up


Design is composition


Just arrived in my first workshop. (And yes, I was able to knock the cobwebs loose and I remembered which workshops I signed up for!)


Presented by Jon Galloway (Twitter, Blog, Podcast)


Some of the new super cool things on the block are Distributed Version Control Systems and being somebody that is into super cool new things I figured I would spend some time and get to know them.


Just like every other conference I go to, I will be writing a blog post for each session I attend. My coworkers Steve and Angela (no url for her, yet!) are in this session with me and I believe Steve will also be blogging a bit during MIX so feel free to check out his site for more info.


Getting all set for a day of pre-con sessions.  Already caffeinated and just waiting for my lazy coworkers to get downstairs so we can get all registered!