Today is day 3 of our first Sprint. Yesterday was our first Daily Scrum and so far I’m digging it but I don’t have enough experience to really know if Scrum “is working” yet.


At work we are in the process of implementing Scrum (actually tomorrow is our first Sprint Planning meeting. Really looking forward to it.)


Found this trick today and it saved me a lot of pain. I was renaming/reorganizing a bunch of classes and almost every page I went to greeted me with this error:


I was telling a coworker the other day how awesome it is to fire up the internet on my way into work on the train.  Since he also takes the train and has a longer commute then me I suggested he give it a try.  First question that came up was “Is it really fast enough to get work done?”


Sorry for the long and boring title, but I wanted to make it easy for Google to find this post.


Don't ask why I needed this, but here is a SQL function that will abbreviate a string:


What tools do you use? If you are reading this I bet you use some flavor of Visual Studio and some form of source control, but like most developers your tooling stops there.  Why?  Have you tried the various Visual Studio add-ins like ReSharper or CodeRush?  How about SQL Schema diff tools like SQL Compare from Red-Gate? How about a build server like Team Build or Cruise Control?




In a recent post, CRM 4.0 Plugins, I said I would post an example of a plug-in that handles entity merges.  Here is that sample! :)


In the comments to my post yesterday (comments meaning the only one I got), my friend and coworker Richard Lowe pointed out that working with new technology also adds business value.  I have to agree with him.  Staying up to date with technology, whatever technology you use day to day, does increase business value. I took that as a given because, in my opinion, if you don't stay up to date then you become technically irrelevant and technical irrelevancy adds negative business value.